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To this end we would welcome the opportunity to discuss any current or future projects you may have where there is a potentially mutual benefit to both parties.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, we hope you have enjoyed your visit to our web page.

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The below projects include work undertaken for main contractors, private individuals and property developers. Many of our customers return time and time again, projects are undertaken keeping to budget and programmed with minimal disruption to other trades on site.

In recent year's our dedicated team have been involved with projects which include: 

-Strip and re-sheet of existing factory for Hexcel composites at Duxford.

-New roof and vertical cladding for Maritime Transport at Felixstowe.

-New warehouse for Central Piling, Halstead.

-Vertical overclad for Oktra at Alaraby Studios, Park Royal, London.

Our core value is too offer clients unrivaled expertise on any size project from the moment an order is placed to final retention release.

london cladding

Retail park units involving a steel frame, composite cladding to the roof and vertical areas plus a terracotta tile facade hung to a composite carrier panel.

london cladding

23 meter high steel frame office block with brick built driver accommodation. The roof of the main office building is 115mm core composite panel and the roof to the driver accommodation is kingspan top-deck composite panel with factory applied membrane.

london cladding

Warehouse units comprising of a steel frame clad in a composite panel to the roof and microrib composite panels applied to the exterior walls of the building.

london cladding

Erected steel building which we then covered in a clad built up system to the roof and walls comprising of a bright while liner and a weathering sheet.

london cladding

Small steel frame with 115mm core kingspan composite panels to the roof to form a single bay wash down area for cars.

IMG_0531 (6).JPG

Office unit for a pharmaceutical company comprising of a steel frame with 115mm core composite claded roofing.


Construction of our Barking works. Composed of 115mm core cladding roofing and microrib composite panels to exterior walls.

ilford work.JPG

Internal ground floor fitout at Ilford for prestige developer including specialist cladding and architectural metalwork


Membrane roofing is a type of roofing system designed to reduce the leaks and pooling associated with other roofing materials. This system is gradually replacing the traditional asphalt of found on many homes and businesses. It is often used on roofs that are flat or very slightly sloped. There are three basic types of membrane roofing systems: thermoset membrane, thermoplastic membrane, and modified bitumen.

There are several important benefits to using a membrane roofing system instead of traditional roofing materials. A classic asphalt roof is prone to leaks simply due to its construction. Seams are not tightly sealed, and water can seep into the home. Membrane roofing, on the other hand, is virtually seamless, leading to far fewer leaks.


Rainscreen cladding systems are an excellent option when it comes to construction as it is quick and cost effective. This method may be required when aesthetics are valued as due to the large range of materials including aluminium and  natural stone it has been proven to massively enhance the appearance of the structure, as you can see from the images.


Composite panel systems have been the most frequently used within the roofing and cladding industry, and with a few changes in that time it still remains the most popular method of cladding many types of buildings.

Our clients will benefit from the extensive range of colors, finishes and profiles to suit any situation, from industrial estates to conservation areas, and no matter where this cladding may be it will always look the part.

Cladding systems covered are:

-Composite panels such as Kingspan, Tata and Joris Ide

-Built up systems ( liner panel, space bar, insulation and weathering sheet).

-Single skin

-Standing seam systems such as Rigidal or Advanced Cladding.

-Internal food safe Rockwool/PIR core composite panels.

-Gutter lining to existing either with a membrane or Chromopol reinforced solution.


As well as new build, strip, re-sheets and overclad of existing buildings we are able to offer a repair service to most areas on a structure to minimize downtime at our clients premises.

837192d9a84b04fd182b470b05500122 - Copy.jpg

Cladding and composite roofing


Green roof

Learn more



Membrane roofing



Looking for a quality Cladding Company you can depend on? Well, look no further.

We're SSEL Cladding, available where you need us when you need us. From our offices and works in Norfolk, Essex and London we can provide our customers with both design excellence and quality work within our cladding projects on a nationwide basis.

All staff including management and site labor have many years of experience in a variety of different cladding systems allowing us to give expert advice on the best options for a particular project.

At SSEL Cladding we are forever investing in the latest technology and systems to ensure the best quality and efficiency is applied to all projects.  

london cladding


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